I’m Antonia, a jewelry designer. After 6 years working for one of the biggest jewelry brands in Brazil, I kind of dropped everything at a moment’s notice and, with butterflies in my stomach, came to the USA to start a new life. I moved here with my husband and our beloved dog, Margot, and after an intense period of adjustment (not everything is california dreamin’), we chose to live in Los Angeles. Working on self-knowledge I decided it was time to face a new challenge: exhibit and sign my ideas, creating my jewelry brand.

I’ve always appreciated the details and the pleasant memories of life, just as my zodiac sign of Cancer. Keeping my feet on the ground, I try to see la vie en rose  and simplify my well-being, enjoying the small and delicious events of everyday life.

I design inspired by an earring that I got from my grandmother, about the dear people that are part of our lives, about the subtleties that surround us and also about the stones that we find along the way that help us grow as we “polish” them! I believe a special jewel combines a bit of all of this.

I wish that our pieces take part and carry these memories with them. May they bring you joy, good energy and awaken the best version of yourself, making you feel confident, authentic and spontaneously gorgeous!

Thank you for joining me here!

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Love, Antonia.

To read the brand manifesto, learn more about our intentions and purposes, click here.