Antonia Los Angeles is a brand inspired by people who are brave, real, creative, and fascinating. Women who sing out loud when out to dance with friends, who snuggle up at home to read or watch their favorite movie. We love to be surrounded by lovely people but also value our individuality; we may order a salad on a Friday and enjoy a good pizza (or brigadeiro, if you’re Brazilian) on the Saturday. We drink wine and celebrate for no obvious reason – well, actually, we can always think of one! We gift ourselves with flowers and cherish nature, but also appreciate the city buzz, full of people and bright lights. Enjoy the washed, fresh face and can rock a powerful red lipstick. We seek harmony, balance and happiness. We strive to live life in high spirits and we value individual moments of simple pleasures, with all their greatness and uniqueness.

Our purpose is to create timeless, versatile and unassumingly elegant jewelry; accessories that make important events turn into even more special occasions, that will inspire big smiles and tight hugs when given as gifts. We also hope that they will be an exteriorization of all the shine that already exists in you and a demonstration of love and admiration for the most important person: yourself.

We aim to design delicate and striking pieces, with exclusive design, created to bring a dose of je ne sais quoi to your look and more charm, beauty and shine to your every day.

Jewelry designed in Los Angeles and carefully made in Brazil, with love.

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